BlueWillow AI, established in January 2023, is committed to delivering top-notch AI-generated images to users. Their mission is to nurture a creative community empowered by artificial intelligence.

Founded by a group of anonymous AI engineers with extensive experience in various AI fields, BlueWillowAI aims to make advanced AI models accessible by consolidating multiple models, including Stable Diffusion.

Operating on Discord, a platform facilitating the sharing and discussion of creations, participation in contests, and feedback provision, BlueWillowAI plans to broaden its reach to other platforms in the future.

What distinguishes BlueWillowAI is its role as an aggregator of AI models, enabling users to find the most suitable model for their requirements, while retaining full rights to the images they generate.

Constantly evolving with the aid of expert teams and user feedback, BlueWillowAI draws on diverse models to generate images. Future plans include launching its platform while respecting the rights of other artists and providing a valuable tool for creators.

BlueWillow Features

BlueWillow operates similarly to Midjourney, requiring users to provide a clear, detailed text prompt for the desired image. The prompt should be precise and descriptive, encompassing style, object, and all desired details.

How to Generate Images Using BlueWillow:

1. Join Discord: Visit and click "Join Beta" to access the Discord community, where all image generation activities take place.

2. Go to a "Rookie" Channel: Use the "/imagine" command followed by your prompt in any rookie channels on Discord. Specific prompts yield better-generated images.

3. Submit a Prompt: Type "/imagine prompt" or select the "/imagine" command from the pop-up menu. Furnish a textual description outlining the image you wish to generate.

4. Receive Four Images: After sending the command, you'll receive four images within a minute, available for download and personal use.

5. Upscale or Create Variations:

U: Use the "U buttons" to generate a larger, more detailed version of an image.

V: Utilize the "V buttons" to create alternative versions with slight changes to the original look.

6. Delete: If dissatisfied with any generated images, use the deletion button (works only for the creator).

7. Rate Your Image: After upscaling, use emoji buttons to rate the image, contributing to improving training data.

BlueWillow Plans and Pricing

BlueWillow is free, allowing users to generate up to 10 images daily. They also offer an open program where users can subscribe by paying any amount. Paying customers gain access to new versions, member badges, exclusive VIP contests and newsletters, and more.

In Conclusion

BlueWillow is an impressive AI image-generating tool that empowers users to create stunning images in seconds. Operating on Discord, it requires well-defined prompts for high-quality results and offers a free tier allowing users to generate up to 10 images daily.