Kittl stands out as an online image editing app that rivals Canva in terms of design features. It offers a plethora of tools and resources to elevate your creative projects. Leveraging Kittl's AI design tools, you can effortlessly generate vector logo icons, captivating images, and clipart. The app also boasts advanced text editing capabilities, enabling real-time transformations with just a few clicks. In the Kittl editor mode, you have the flexibility to make detailed adjustments to your design within seconds.

For our focus here, we'll delve into the Kittl logo maker tool.

Key Features

Free Logo Design Templates: Kittl boasts a vast library of professionally designed logo templates spanning various styles and trends. Users can select from minimalist to intricate designs and customize them to suit their preferences.

AI-Powered Design Tools: The Kittl Logo tool harnesses AI technology to create vector logo icons and stunning images based on simple text prompts. This feature empowers users to swiftly and effortlessly craft unique and eye-catching logos.

Ready-to-Use Templates: With thousands of professional design templates at your disposal, Kittl offers a starting point for users to customize and create unique logos for personal or commercial projects.


Kittl's selection of logo templates, crafted by professional designers, serves as a valuable starting point and inspiration for logo designs, streamlining the creative process.

The Logo Maker's intuitive and user-friendly editor, accessible directly through a web browser, eliminates the need for complex software installations.


While designed to be user-friendly, individuals with limited graphic design experience may require some time to familiarize themselves with the tool's interface.

Kittl Pricing

Kittl's free trial provides a fair number of features, but for extended use, users may consider the paid options. The Pro account is priced at $10 per month, while the Expert account is available for $24 per month, offering identical features with the added benefit of more space and projects. The Business subscription is suitable for team collaboration, providing shared access to design projects. The free version serves well for users looking to acquaint themselves with the platform.

How to Use Kittl

Follow the provided link to access Kittl's website and click on "Try Kittl for free" to create an account.

Navigate to the Inspirations tab, choose Logos, and click "Start creating" to enter the Kittl design app.

Utilize the editor to craft your logo or design, and click "Download" to save your work.

Explore Kittl's capabilities and create designs effortlessly!