Leonardo AI strives to be a comprehensive "one-stop-shop," consolidating various generative AI tools on a unified platform with logical and cohesive connections. Initially focusing on 2D asset and image generation, the platform provides model finetuning, stylistic consistency, and control. Plans for rapid expansion, including 3D capabilities, are in the pipeline. The company, currently comprising a team of 30 individuals, aims to stay at the forefront of integrating emerging technologies.

How to Join Leonardo AI:

  • Press the "Access Instantly" button on the official site.
  • Provide your email address and name.
  • Receive a registration email (allow several minutes).
  • Click the ‘Login’ button, fill in the form, and click ‘Sign in.’

How to Use Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is a multi-featured platform with three main AI-powered tools:

  • AI Image Generator.
  • AI Canvas.
  • AI Texture Generation.
  • AI Image Generator Features:
  • Set the number of images.
  • Image dimensions.
  • Guidance Scale.
  • Step Count.
  • Tiling toggle.
  • Negative prompt.
  • Various actions like download, unzoom, remove background, upscale, etc.

Advanced Settings:

  • Alchemy (beta).
  • High Resolution toggle.
  • Expanded Domain for prompt adherence.
  • Contrast Boost.
  • Resonance for added detail.
  • Prompt Magic to enhance output.
  • Prompt Magic Strength.
  • High Contrast for mood enhancement.
  • Image 2 Image for copying prompts.

Creating Images with Leonardo AI Image Generator:

  • Click 'AI Image Generation.'
  • Write a prompt.
  • Adjust settings.
  • Click "Generate Image."
  • Perform actions on the generated image.

Alternative Method:

  • Choose a finetuned model.
  • Click on "Generate with this model."
  • Adjust settings and generate.

Leonardo AI Canvas

  • An advanced editor for precise image creation, editing, and enhancement.
  • Upload an image.
  • Use tools like 'Select,' 'Pan,' 'Draw Mask,' 'Erase,' and 'Prompt.'
  • Download your edited work.
  • Leonardo AI 3D Model Texture Generation:
  • A specialized tool for realistic textures in 3D models.

Train Your Model with Leonardo AI:

  • Create a dataset.
  • Access "Training & Datasets" > "New Dataset."
  • Name and upload/select images.
  • Start training by providing metadata.

Access and Generate Images:

  • After training, find your model.
  • Click to generate new images using prompts.

Leonardo AI Pricing Plans

Free for up to 150 daily generations.

Paid plans available for over 150 images per day.

Joining and using Leonardo AI is straightforward, offering a range of features and tools for diverse generative AI needs.