So, what exactly is Mage Space? At its core, this tool operates as an AI image generator that masterfully crafts images from textual prompts. Users simply need to articulate their vision, and Mage Space, leveraging AI art prompts, brings that vision to life on the digital canvas. Initiated in 2019, the tool offers its incredible services for free online.

Features of Mage Space

Diving deeper into Mage Space’s capabilities, it’s clear that this platform offers more than just AI image generation. Let’s explore some of the distinctive features Mage Space showcases:

Diverse AI models: Mage Space proudly presents an array of over 50 AI text-to-image models. This isn’t a one-trick platform; Mage Space utilizes a core base model called Stable Diffusion v1.5. Yet, it supplements this with a robust lineup of other models, all geared towards producing photorealistic images and a spectrum of artistic styles.

Image enhancement: The tool doesn’t just stop at creation. It elevates the quality of the generated images with its image enhancement capabilities, ensuring every piece looks polished and professional.

GIF creation: Taking dynamic content to a new level, Mage Space introduces the ability to create GIFs. This lets users turn their visions into moving art, adding a fresh layer of creativity.

Safety first: A distinctive feature of this image generator is its safety filter. This ensures users can navigate with ease and filter out any NSFW content, be it generated by the platform or found on the website.

A thriving community: Beyond its technical prowess, Mage Space prides itself on fostering a vibrant online community. Registered members have the privilege of sharing their artistic endeavors, endorsing other users’ creations with “likes”, and connecting with fellow creators by following their accounts. And for those who thrive in real-time interactions, Mage Space’s active Discord community offers a space where users can share, learn, and grow together, benefiting from tips and insights of like-minded individuals.

Mage Space isn’t just another AI image generator on the block. Its multifaceted features and community-driven approach set it apart, making it a compelling choice for anyone in the digital creative sphere.

How to use Mage Space?

Navigating Mage Space is a breeze, even for those trying it out for the first time. Let’s break down the user experience:

Right off the bat, the Mage Space homepage welcomes you with a text bar, inviting you to articulate your visual imagination. Jumping into the action is straightforward—just type your desired image description and either press enter or click the adjacent arrow icon.

Beyond mere text prompts, Mage Space flexibly allows for other image generation techniques. Users can link or upload a pre-existing image they’re inspired by. Mage Space then delves deep, extracting the essence of the submitted image, and crafts a prompt to reproduce an image that mirrors the original, yet with its unique flair.

For instance, we’ve tried the following prompt: “a computer scientist is writing some code in a dark room.” The result:

To sum up the image generation process:

Enter an AI art prompt, provide a linked image, or upload your chosen image.

Bring the image to life by pressing enter or hitting the arrow icon.

The beauty of Mage Space lies in its efficiency—the entire process wraps up typically in under a minute. Once the magic unfolds, and your image graces the screen, Mage Space offers a plethora of subsequent actions:

View image insights: Users can delve into specifics such as the model behind the creation, the image’s dimensions, the creation date, among other details.

Copy-paste features: Whether you wish to retain the image prompt for future use or grab the direct URL of the generated image, Mage Space has got you covered.

Download and tag: Easily download the artwork to your device or add relevant tags (hashtags) to categorize or describe it.

Edit your image: Mage Space recognizes that sometimes, you might want a touch-up. For this, the platform offers image enhancement with three tailored options:

Upscale + Face Fix: Perfect for refining images with faces, ensuring clarity and realism.

Upscale Only: A generic enhancement to boost the image’s resolution.

Upscale Pro: An advanced option for those seeking the highest quality touch-ups.

Mage Space doesn’t just offer an image generation tool—it provides a comprehensive suite for users to craft, refine, and share their digital creations with ease.

Mage Space Pricing

You might be glad to know that Mage Space is free to use indefinitely. You don’t have to sign up to use the tool either, but registering an account will give you access to more user features, like saving images and following other users.

The Free Experience

Cost: Absolutely free, and no strings attached.

Account Requirements: No sign-up necessary to use Mage Space. But, registering an account does unveil some additional user features, like the ability to save creations and follow fellow image-crafting enthusiasts.

Bottom Line

Mage Space truly showcases its prowess when you dive into its Pro membership. It’s here that the platform shines its brightest, empowering users with an extensive suite of over 50 text-to-image models, expansive image enhancement tools, and the innovative GIF creation feature.

The Basic Plan, when juxtaposed with the Free Plan, doesn’t offer a monumental leap in functionality. Its primary lure might be the enhanced safety filter for those keen on filtering out NSFW content. Otherwise, its offerings remain rather parallel to the free tier.

The Free Plan, while a good starting point, has its limitations. The less advanced variant of the Stable Diffusion model it employs can sometimes churn out images that might not match the aesthetic.