StarryAI is an innovative AI art generation application designed to bring your visual ideas to life through text prompts.

Available in both web and app versions, it caters to iOS and Android users.

The app operates on the power of two AI models, Altair and Orion. Altair employs VQGAN-CLIP to craft images, ensuring they align with the provided text prompt. VQGAN generates the images, while CLIP ensures prompt accuracy.

On the other hand, Orion employs CLIP-Guided Diffusion to refine images. Diffusion clarifies image details, while CLIP aids in identification.

Together, these models collaborate to produce distinct and visually captivating art pieces.

StarryAI's Features:

  • Five complimentary credits.
  • Over 1000 diverse styles.
  • Bulk creation capability.
  • Evolution refinement.
  • Customizable sizes.
  • Upscaling functionality.
  • In-painting options.
  • Prompt builder tool.

The application empowers users with a vast selection of over 1000 art styles, allowing them to materialize their envisioned images.

Furthermore, StarryAI offers upscaling options, enabling users to increase image size by up to 16 pixels without sacrificing quality.

The "Evolve" feature allows for further image refinement, adding an extra layer of uniqueness.

A standout feature is the prompt builder, which acts as a style library. Users can select various art styles to create tailored prompts, saving them for future use.

StarryAI boasts a user-friendly interface, making navigation a breeze. Its distinct features, including the prompt builder and style library, distinguish it from other applications.

To make the most of StarryAI, it's crucial to have a clear vision and the right words to convey it through your prompt. Precision and contextuality are key when crafting prompts, but this can be a challenge if you're struggling to articulate your mental image.