BeFunky photo editor stands out as a top contender among online photo editing tools, offering a variety of features that make it a strong competitor to Fotor. This online app caters to basic photo enhancement, color correction, collage creation, and graphic design.

BeFunky boasts 10 modules for image editing, organized conveniently in a side panel. Particularly appealing is the ability to create layouts, import images, customize them, and easily modify the layout without cluttering the pictures, making it especially effective for collage creation.

While BeFunky is beginner-friendly, advanced users may find its functionality somewhat limited, especially in the free version, which restricts access to more than 30% of the tools and includes persistent, intrusive advertising. However, the inclusion of art effects for free would make it a compelling choice.

Creating a simple collage is straightforward, with hundreds of templates available. However, many of the templates are locked for free use. BeFunky's designer feature allows users to effortlessly create posters, brochures, and invitations, with free templates available but the most attractive ones requiring payment.

The mobile version of BeFunky is praised for its excellent and fast navigation, offering more photo editing tools than Instagram. Additionally, it features its own social network, enabling users to view and edit each other's photos.

BeFunky's standout features include smart image uploading using stocks, allowing users to import images from sources like Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, and even image stocks like Pixabay and Unsplash. This feature facilitates experimentation with retouching various image types.

However, BeFunky's free version comes with the drawback of significant advertising, occupying 20% of the space and persistently prompting users to upgrade. The full-screen editing function does not remove all ads but enhances the convenience of photo editing.

The "Edit" area in BeFunky offers three sets of tools—Essentials, Blur & Smooth, and Miscellaneous. While the Essential tools provide significant editing capabilities, some, marked with an asterisk, are exclusive to the paid version.

BeFunky introduces paid skin editing tools, such as Blush and Paint Brush, alongside useful tools like Blemish Fix and Fix Redeye. Navigation across photos after zooming is limited, posing a challenge during editing.

The effects in BeFunky, categorized as "Artsy" and "Textures," are available for a fee. While the standard effects set delivers cool results, the "Artsy" kit may not meet expectations. Premium accounts offer access to a professional filter set.

BeFunky impresses with advanced export options, allowing users to save photos in various formats and locations, including Google Drive and Dropbox. Additionally, the cloud feature enables automatic saving of changes made, a rarity among photo editing apps.

BeFunky's collage maker, operational in full-screen mode, provides easy editing directly in the browser. It offers ready-made layouts, patterns, and the ability to upload images to the Photo Wizard. While some features are paid, there are enough free options for basic tasks.

The BeFunky designer is user-friendly, offering over 200 templates, but the majority are restricted in the free version. Users can create their own templates and engage in graphic design tasks effortlessly.

The mobile version of BeFunky maintains a well-organized interface with basic photo editing tools superior to Instagram. It introduces a unique Undo function, showing a miniature of each editing step. Saving options include the camera roll, BeFunky cloud, and social media accounts.

BeFunky is available for free online, but users can opt for the Pro version at $4.95 per month or $34.92 per year, offering an ad-free experience and additional features. The mobile app, BeFunky Pro, is priced at $2.