Boxy SVG is a streamlined online vector creator accessible via the Chrome browser, exclusively designed for working with SVG files. Its toolkit incorporates fundamental drawing tools, text functions, and shapes. Despite its simplicity, Boxy SVG empowers users to actualize diverse graphic design concepts, even without advanced drawing skills.

Boxy SVG: Strengths and Weaknesses

Friendly Interface:

Boxy SVG features a user-friendly and intuitive interface, minimizing excessive windows, toolbars, and palettes. Actions, such as gradient fills or shape adjustments, can be directly applied in the main window. The toolbar is expandable, and users can easily toggle its visibility to optimize screen space. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts enhance accessibility for those familiar with other free vector graphic software.

Mathematical Control:

Leveraging SVG's simple form and layout language, Boxy SVG facilitates the use of drawing and coding tools. This makes it particularly useful for web developers, as the straightforward code implementation simplifies website creation.

CSS Style Editing:

Boxy SVG enables seamless work with symbols and patterns in a customizable format. Comparable to a CSS tiled background, it allows the use of small graphics to cover expansive areas. The SVG file's readability in a text editor provides an easy-to-understand document. Adding CSS classes to SVG elements and the style block allows the application of hover effects, CSS transitions, and animations.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Boxy SVG is available across various devices, including browsers, phones, computers, and Chrome OS tablets. Regardless of the operating system (macOS, Windows, Linux), licensed versions cater to different platforms.

Shape Tools:

The program facilitates the creation of custom shapes through clipping and subtracting options. Clipping retains the shape of an object inside another, cropping off the outer parts. Subtracting removes an object within another. These options are accessible through the Elements menu or the path panel.


Limited Pro Options:

Boxy SVG lacks support for advanced SVG filters, such as blur or color tint, restricting certain professional-level options.

Weak Zoom Function:

Drawing detailed shapes and objects may be challenging due to sluggish performance and issues with the Zoom option, impacting the overall efficiency of the process.