This free photo editing tool is designed for editing photos, creating business cards, collages, web pages, and utilizing various tools for image retouching and restoration. The Photo Pos Pro editor supports DSLR and scanner functionalities, offering powerful adjustments, advanced selection tools, masks, layers, vector objects, diverse filters, effects, and robust drawing tools and brushes.

Key Features

Support for All Formats: Photo Pos Pro supports various file formats, including RAW, GIF, and PSD. It allows seamless editing and layer modifications even in other software like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Customizable Workspace: The user-friendly interface offers a choice between a simple mode with essential controls and a professional mode equipped with extensive functions and elements. Users can tailor the workspace to their preferences.

Artistic Editing Tools: The editor provides a range of creative tools for pixel image manipulations, such as drawing, selection, size adjustment, filling, erasing, and adding effects. Users can unleash their creativity with an array of artistic options.

One-Click Browser Tools: The image editing section includes functions related to image properties, size adjustments, reflections, rotations, and more. Users can define parts of the image as brushes, textures, or patterns, making it versatile for different design needs.

Semi-Automatic Color Correction: This feature enables users to adjust image tones, contrast, gamma, and shadows. The retouch mask function allows precise editing of outlines and realistic adjustments to fit different backgrounds.

Filters and Effects: The editor offers a variety of filters and effects, including red-eye reduction, noise reduction, sharpness, blur, and more. Users can overlay pre-installed filters and effects or create and download custom ones.

Basic Layer Tools: Functions for creating, deleting, renaming, and repositioning layers are available in the Layers panel and menu. Saving images with multiple layers is recommended in the program's format (.fpos) to retain editing capabilities.

Extension Packs and Plugins: Photo Pos Pro extension packs include frames, collages, styles, brushes, plug-ins, scripts, and more. These packs regularly update, providing users with additional resources for enhancing their creations.

Premium Edition Features: The premium version offers sophisticated selection tools, vectorial objects, advanced drawing tools, robust color and blend curves, a magic eraser, smart AI selection toolset, layer grouping, command script recorder, batch support, and an ads-free experience.

Performance Considerations: Extended usage may lead to occasional freezes, lags, or delays in loading filters, especially with resource-intensive tasks like working with layers. Smooth operations require good hardware.

Pricing: Photo Pos Pro Version 3 is available in both free and premium versions. The lifetime premium license costs $49.90. A 21-day free trial is offered for users to explore the premium features before deciding on a purchase.