RawTherapee stands out as an open-source, cross-platform photo editor emphasizing deep color correction and efficient cataloging. Distinguishing itself from Photoshop, Lightroom, or Capture One Pro, RawTherapee eliminates the need for registration before download. Simply follow the link to the official webpage, select the appropriate version for your operating system, and proceed with the RawTherapee download and installation.

Quick Catalog Management:

Upon the initial launch of RawTherapee, the file viewer tab remains empty until you specify the location of RAW photos for editing. The software processes each file, generating thumbnails in the central working window. The preferences menu, accessible through the "Preferences" button, spans seven pages, allowing users to customize their workspace according to individual needs.

Preview Modes and Profiles:

RawTherapee's toolbar offers eight preview modes for customizing image previews, each accessible via keyboard shortcuts. These modes include options for red, green, blue, and brightness channels, as well as a focus mask preview. The program boasts 32 preconfigured profiles or filters for consistent photo editing. Users can also create and save personal profiles for a unified look across edits.

Exposure Settings:

In the "Exposure" section of RawTherapee's toolbar, sliders enable easy adjustment of exposure values. The "Neutral" button allows quick resetting, while the "Auto Levels" feature automatically positions sliders for suggested exposure. This section covers contrast, saturation, shadow/glare balance adjustments, and tone curves, including an additional film simulation.

Noise Reduction and Sharpness:

Under the "Details" tab, RawTherapee addresses sharpening and noise reduction. Users can choose between Unsharp Rawtherapee Masks (USM) and RL Deconvolution for sharpening. Noise reduction settings, located in the Fourier transform tab, offer control over brightness and color noise, along with Delta Chrominance sliders for red and blue channels. The program provides tools to correct color fringing resulting from axial aberration.

Advanced Color Correction:

The "Color" section in RawTherapee's toolbar includes tools for white balance adjustment, vibrance, and features like the channel mixer, HSV equalizer, and RGB curves. A dropper facilitates the use of these tools. The vibrance adjustment offers customizable options, allowing users to balance saturated shades and protect skin tones. The channel mixer enables separate customization of red, green, and blue channels, extending the capabilities of the white balance tool.

Correction of Distortion and Chromatic Aberration:

Tabs labeled "Advanced" and "Transform" encompass cropping, resizing, rotation, lens adjustments, and tools for perspective control, distortion correction, chromatic aberration, and vignetting.

RAW Adjustments and Metadata Editing:

Under the "Raw" tab, specific tools cater to editing RAW files, offering algorithm selection for unpacking raw information. The tab includes settings for filtering pattern noise, removing defects caused by specific green filters, and addressing "hot" or "broken" pixels. Linear sliders correct black and white dots and handle complex lighting. The "Metadata" tab allows users to view and edit Exif and IPTC metadata, covering details like title, location, search keywords, and copyright information.


RawTherapee is available for free on all platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Users can download the software directly from the official page without incurring any charges.