SketchUp offers a versatile service with various proficiency levels, catering to individuals, companies, and educators. While the basic features are free, the more robust functionalities are available through subscription plans. For those with simple needs, SketchUp provides a free web-only service for 3D modeling, accompanied by 10GB of free cloud storage, without any time limitations.

Important Consideration:

Before diving in, it's essential to note that if you seek a home interior design program with a plethora of customizable items like walls, doors, and windows, SketchUp might not be the ideal choice. However, if you prioritize complete freedom to create anything from intricate structures to simple objects, SketchUp could be the perfect fit.

Getting Started:

SketchUp initiates your project with an empty canvas, featuring a representative figure for scale reference. The necessary tools are conveniently located in sidebars on the left and right sides of the window, with primary tools on the left. These tools facilitate the creation of lines, rectangles, circles, and more. Users can employ useful methods for precise design, such as entering exact specifications for length during the creation of lines.

Time-Saving Features:

SketchUp provides time-saving tools for efficient design. For instance, the Offset tool swiftly adjusts wall thickness, and the Push/Pull tool enables the creation of walls or the shaping of objects with ease. These tools contribute to the program's versatility and complexity, offering users extensive creative possibilities.

Working in 3D:

While working in 3D may seem challenging, SketchUp incorporates helpful features to aid users. The color of the line or area being drawn indicates the plane it belongs to (red, blue, or green), helping users maintain spatial awareness. Arrow keys can also be utilized to lock drawing to a specific plane.


The right sidebar, including the Inspector, proves beneficial for beginners, offering information on tool functionality and keyboard shortcuts. Learning these shortcuts becomes crucial for proficiency and increased design speed. This sidebar also houses material options, ranging from colors to glass, wood, water, roofing, carpet, and stone. Applying materials is a straightforward process.


SketchUp supports compatibility with other 3D design services and allows export to various file formats, including 3DS, Collada, FBX, and VRML. Users can export images in PNG format with customizable options.

Additional Features at a Cost:

While the web-based tool is free, users can opt for subscription-based services with enhanced features. The Shop plan ($119 per year) provides access to pre-built 3D models. The Pro plan ($299 per year) transitions to a desktop application, offering plugin support to extend functionality. A 30-day free trial is available for these subscription plans. The developers are also working on an iPad app, with a beta version accessible for interested users.