The free version of HitFilm, previously known as HitFilm Express, stands out as a polished video editor featuring an intuitive interface. Whether you're a novice creating your first social media video or an experienced videographer, the user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation. Artlist's assertion that HitFilm is 'built for all creators' holds true, especially with its drag-and-drop transitions and convenient presets, simplifying the process of crafting professional edits with minimal effort.

HitFilm Tutorials

For those transitioning from another video editor, the new 'Learn Panel' expedites the process with guides to HitFilm's layout and toolkit. Toggleable through a button on the right of the top menus, this panel aids newcomers in understanding basics such as media management and exporting the final product. The 'Learn Panel' contains three introductory videos for absolute beginners, while exploring further unveils a rich collection of 39 tutorial videos covering various aspects of filmmaking.

HitFilm's Advanced Video Editing Tools

Despite its beginner-friendly toolset, HitFilm's capabilities extend far beyond. Advanced text features facilitate the addition of subtitles and the creation of stylish 2D and 3D titles. The included visual effects package transforms HitFilm into an all-encompassing post-production program, offering familiar keying, professional-grade color correction, and grading tools.

Comparison with Other Software

While Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects are formidable alternatives, HitFilm Pro surpasses them with its enhanced video editing capabilities. The free version, however, remains a highly competent video editor, further enriched by a library of royalty-free music, sound effects, and templates. Even in the free version, users receive 10 songs, 25 audio effects, and 5 templates, with features like automatic audio sync enhancing the workflow.

HitFilm Pro Review

HitFilm Pro, available through subscription-based plans or perpetual licenses, offers an extensive range of advanced features. Some features in the free version are watermarked, but in HitFilm Pro, these are fully unlocked. Tailored for YouTube and social media video creators, HitFilm Pro provides a broader selection of royalty-free assets and supports video exports up to 8K.

Additional Special Effects with HitFilm Pro

The Pro version distinguishes itself with over 950 VFX and presets, including Foundry's 3D camera tracker, dynamic color correctors, particle simulators, and more. Importing 3D models seamlessly and utilizing a 360-degree viewer for peripheral recording devices elevates HitFilm Pro's capabilities to unicorn status.

Subscription and Perpetual Pricing Options

With Artlist's acquisition of FXhome, HitFilm Pro is now available through subscription-based tiers. The free version, Creator, and Pro options cater to different needs, providing varying levels of features at monthly or yearly rates. Perpetual licenses for HitFilm Pro are also available, offering users the option to own the software outright for a one-time fee, with the possibility of renewing for updates and support.